Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes can be useed generally open areas also closed area like factories or stock area where not need closed area.

Design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and all kind of technical service of gantry crane which can be used in shipyard, steel sector, machine manufacturer, store area, marble factories who need to lift any load are our main work.

We have solutions according to customer requirements like gantry crane with cantilever or without cantilever. Gantry cranes which are using generally at open area are manufactured at three main kind. Double girder gantry cranes, single girder gantry cranes and semi gantry cranes.

Our main products are electrical over cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, monorail hoists, double girder crane hoists, transfer trolleys, elevator hoists, chain hoist, electrical wire rope hoists, endcarriages for overhead or gantry cranes also special proccessing crane fro galvanizing factory, shipyard cranes, shaft gantry cranes, smart crane systems, container gantry cranes, port cranes, power station cranes. what you need about electrical overhead crane systems that is our work.

Also Arnikon engineering has everything about electrical overhead travelling crane systems like as radio frequency remote control, bus bar systems, motorised or spring cable reel, limit switches, power carriying and transfer systems, cable carriying systems, electrohiydraulic or electromagnetic brakes. We have dealers and distributors in Alger, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Tunus, Kenya, Senegal, Pakhistan, Kazakhistan etc. And our overhead crane systems are working all over the world. 

Double Girder Gantry Cranes

Double girder gantry cranes are prefered and used in all of industrie  in serious manners according to ...

Single Girder Gantry Cranes

Single girder gantry cranes have occupied area of usage in many areas of the industry in daily applications. ...

Semi Gantry Cranes

Semi gantry cranes which especially are installed on building facades are also used inside of the factories. ...