Overhead Crane Travelling Groups - Endcarriages

Overhead Crane Travelling Groups - Endcarriages

Overhead Crane Travelling Groups - Endcarriages, wheel blocks specially designed for crane is composed of the executive. These boxes are manufactured in monoblock body from GGG60 material, has a very precise bearing system. Also wheels wedged or rack and pinion drive system drives has not milled in the middle. Thus, in the executive group performance, although it is a very quiet operation is ensured longevity.

Execution driven cranes specially designed to carry gear is provided by the executive.

General specialities;

•  Precise And Noiseless Operation

•  High-Speed Access To The Desired

•  Flicker-Free Mobility

•  Easy Maintenance And Replacements

•  Long Life And High Quality

•  Attractive Price

Our main products are electrical over cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, monorail hoists, double girder crane hoists, transfer trolleys, elevator hoists, chain hoist, electrical wire rope hoists, endcarriages for overhead or gantry cranes also special proccessing crane fro galvanizing factory, shipyard cranes, shaft gantry cranes, smart crane systems, container gantry cranes, port cranes, power station cranes. what you need about electrical overhead crane systems that is our work.

Also Arnikon engineering has everything about electrical overhead travelling crane systems like as radio frequency remote control, bus bar systems, motorised or spring cable reel, limit switches, power carriying and transfer systems, cable carriying systems, electrohiydraulic or electromagnetic brakes. We have dealers and distributors in Alger, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Tunus, Kenya, Senegal, Pakhistan, Kazakhistan etc. And our overhead crane systems are working all over the world.

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Wheel diameter refers to the wheel rolling diameter