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We Are Going To Eygpt Fabex Metal & Steel Exibition
16     Admin     ANNOUNCEMENT     27/02/2017       365   16

We Are Going To Eygpt Fabex Metal & Steel Exibition

We are going to be in FABEX exhibition in Cairo Eygpt at 09 - 11 March 2017.
Fabex exibition is the biggest industrial exhibition in Eygpt. African Industrial heart will beat in this exhibiton. All of African businessmens will be in this exibition from several indusrial branches. We are waiting all valuable customers who need crane system the fourth hall. For Gantry crane, overhead crane and jib crane.
Entrepreneurship Award
15     Admin     NEWS     16/01/2017       595   15

Entrepreneurship Award

Entrepreneurship award
Arnikon crane won 2016 entrepreneurship prize. General Manager Bayram AYÇÇEK received the award on behalf of the company. Industry Minister Fikri Işık and KOSGEB general manager Recep BİÇER award ceremony was also the leading industrialists of the Country.

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