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Overhead Crane 100 ton Capacity Installation, Commissioning is done
22     Şükrü SAYLIK     OVERHEAD CRANE     05/01/2021       352

Overhead Crane 100 ton Capacity Installation, Commissioning is done

We have delivered to our customer from Bangladesh 100 + 10 Ton Overhead Crane System
100 +10 tons (auxiliary hoist) capacity overhead traveling crane have manufactured by Arnikon Engineering. Installation & Commissioning has been done by our team in Bangladesh. The tests which are necessary as static test and dynamic test has been done to our customer which is performing in constrcution sector. Arnikon has became the brand of the overhead crane sector as it is well-known leader inTurkey. With this and such a crane systems, Arnikon has clinched its brand name in overseas market.
Container Crane 40 ton Capacity Delivered
21     Şükrü SAYLIK     OVERHEAD CRANE     15/12/2020       642

Container Crane 40 ton Capacity Delivered

We delivered a full automatic container crane with caapcity 40 tons of rotary trolley hoist to our customer in France.
As Arnikon team , 40 + 2.5 Ton full automatic Container Crane is manufactured and installed for ERIEM Company which is using in Valence Train Station -France. Arnikon is among the assertive companies in the world regarding its Smart Cranes.
25 Ton Hoist with Trolley
20     Admin     PROCESS CRANE     27/10/2020       155

25 Ton Hoist with Trolley

Overhead Travelling Crane Hoist , Military Service Sector
For military service sector we have delivered 25 tons of overhead crane hoist.

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