Single Girder Traveling Overhead Cranes

Single Girder Traveling Overhead Cranes

Suitable in low ceiling factories and short span areas.
Provides lightweight, economical and reliable solutions for transportation and stacking.
Costs are lower than Double Girder EOT Cranes.
Ease of installation.

The wheel loads acting on the building are less.
Profile beams are used up to 15 Mt axis span and welded box girders are used for a longer span.
The cranes can be controlled via push buttons which can move along the bridges, as well as it is possible to control it from the remote control or the cabin.
The special motor and gear unit groups for crane applications provide Smooth start and stop motion, non-impact operation and long life.

Advantages of Single Girder Traveling Overhead Cranes:

  • The single girder bridge cranes have less weight than the double girder bridges because the weight of the crane is 35% less than the double girder bridges.
  • The wheel loads on the building construction is less.
  • Because its bridge is lighter, the cost is more convenient than the double girder crane.
  • Because his horizontal width is less, the single girder crane is better so it can approach at the end of the building, and It can provide more space.
  • Because the production is faster, it can be delivered in a short time.
  • It is fully in compliance with the business safety norms.

The advantages mentioned above are available when the crane span is up to 20.000mm and the capacity is up to 20.000kg.
If this capacity or span is greater, these advantages start to disappear quickly.