Gantry Crane Travelling Groups

Gantry Crane Travelling Groups

YR2D Series Travelling Groups Designed specifically as the travelling Groups of the Gantry Cranes and Special Process Cranes.YR2D Series Travelling Groups are manufactured as Monoblock body which is totally local and special design which is our company's R & D product.

Wheel Blocks are manufactured from GGG70 Casting and machined in CNC to have precise bedding and silent operation. It also provides ease of assembly and disassembly.

The adjustable system can adjust the centers about -+ 15 mm When there are Rail Disorders. Our wheels manufactured from GGG70 Casting and machined precisely on the CNC Vertical Lathe.

The Wheel and drive gear units in the YR2D Travelling Group Series have a more secure load bearing capability than the one keyway system when the output shaft is milled in accordance with DIN 5480.

Because of the Double Bogie system, all wheels maintain positive contact with runway rail 7000 Series Bearings are preferred in Wheel Bearings.

The main advantages of the YR2D Travelling Group Series are:

  • Achieving the desired speed
  • High moment
  • Silent operation
  • Capability to Move without Vibration
  • Uniform runway load distribution
  • Direct driven, precision-splined shaft-to-gear connection
  • Skirting to clean the rail
  • Adjustable wheel center
  • Ease of assembly & disassembly
  • Ability to damping the collisions by The Plastic bumper
  • Torque arm connection that Prevents the reducer from movement.
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Gantry Crane Travelling Groups
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Wheel diameter refers to the wheel rolling diameter