Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes can be design and produce in all sizes and properties, Normally use in small places to lift small items. Generally build for a industrial machine or an operational unit.

It has two different types. Wall mounted and ground mounted. Also according to torqued type of the jib crane arm there are two types as motorized and manuel Turnable Jib Crane

Ground Mounted Jib Cranes

These types of jib cranes are very efficient and can be produced according to customers needs. It can be motorized or manuel turning system. Also for monorail hoist traversing system can be motorized and manual options.
Solutions are various according to capacity, dimensions and technical specifications.
They are produced to turn 360 degrees. By the help of this arm, they can work till the end of the arm.
Being compact and easy to use are the best properties for ground mounted jib cranes.

Yer Monteli Pergel Vinçler

Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

A cheaper system than Ground mounted jib cranes.
Wall mounted jib cranes can be motorized or manuel on turning and monorail traversing parts can be motorized or manual like ground mounted jib crane.
It can install to a wall or steel construction which can carry the load.
Easy to use and cheap price is the best properties for wall mounted jib cranes.

Duvar Monteli Pergel Vinçler