2x3,2 ton EOT Crane Has Delivered to Algeria Oran

2x3,2 ton EOT Crane Has Delivered to Algeria Oran

ARNIKON Crane which is a brand in overhead Crane sector has become the choise of customers in Algeria.

Overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes and special designed electrical cranes... from design to engineering, from manufacturing to installation quality and services... Arnikon won the admiration and appreciation of customers in All North Africa and specialy Algeria.

Lastly Arnikon is continuing to Works by the delivery of 2x3,2 ton overhead Crane to Metalco company at Oran. The company, which continues to work as Galvanizing has bought a Arnikon brand 2x3,2 ton overhead Crane and planning to grow up to manufacturing capacity.

We says congratulations to Metallica Extrusion company.

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