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Fem Classes and DIN Norms in Cranes
59     Admin     ARTICLE     17/08/2021       376

Fem Classes and DIN Norms in Cranes

Selection of Travelling Cranes according to FEM Class is determined according to the working hours of the cranes.
In the design of crane hoists, lifting machines and their components, it shows great difficulty to determine risks and working life of mechanical parts due to dynamic and static stresses. Therefore, in terms of design characteristic, being able to fulfill the requirements of the system is the most important fe...
What is a frequency converter (frequency inverter)?
28     Admin     ARTICLE     22/12/2020       1056

What is a frequency converter (frequency inverter)?

Inverter, in other words frequency inverter is a device for regulating the speed of electric motors.
It is generally used to control asynchronous motor cycles. Speed control of an asynchronous motor can be done in two different ways.
1- By changing the number of poles 2- By changing the motor feeding energy frequency
Unless double speed motor is used; Since it is impossible to change the number of poles...
Automatic Cranes, Smart cranes, Smart solutions
27     Admin     ARTICLE     09/10/2020       855

Automatic Cranes, Smart cranes, Smart solutions

The Smart area comes, Smart cranes also.
After three years of research and development, intelligent crane is already ready. This crane is the top advanced smart control system which can realize the various intelligent functions such as full automation of unmanned operation, smart safety monitoring, anti-swaying, speed extending, inching, automatic positi...

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