Double Girder Gantry Cranes

Double Girder Gantry Cranes

With double girder gantry cranes, the cost, the easiness of maintenance and reparation, no capacity limitation, no
size limitation, the designing and production of desired features are possible because each branch of the company is being used in an efficient manner. Much more lifting height can be achieved than single girder gantry cranes.

They can be used inside the factories, although they are usually used in open areas. Their usage in closed factories is also an alternative to overhead cranes.

Double girder gantry cranes can be produced as with and without cantilever.

Nowadays, gantry cranes are used in iron and steel industry workshops, shipbuilding, marble and stone quarries, and container loading and unloading from their storage. ARNIKON 's principle is providing customers maximum satisfaction with special designs and manufacturing.

As ARNIKON, here are the characteristics of the gantry cranes that we design and manufacture:
In the gantry crane system, in order to have a smooth and balanced movement of the crane, the legs are designed with two pivoting and two fixed types. The pivoting legs support the forces perpendicular to the bearing surfaces (rails).
While the rigid legs support all vertical or inclined forces, including the effects of acceleration and braking as well as the effects of snow, wind and other similar effects.
More than one hoist can be used on the same bridge, different solutions can be applied by adapting the monorail hoist below the bridges.

The gantry systems can be controlled by a button control cable that can move along the beam, as well as by remote control or by an operator control cabin. The control cabin can be fixed under the crane beams or can move with the hoist along the beam.

In our single and double gantry cranes, used for standard constructions or special manufacturing processes, the bending rate is calculated to be at least 1/1000.
In the design of gantry cranes movement, inverters (speed control devices) are used to provide unobstructed movement and minimum load switching.

We use single-line or dual-line festoon power transmission systems with C-profile along the gantry crane or cable-carrying electrical systems with I-profile in hard conditions.

Along the travelling of the gantry crane, the following electric supply systems are preferred: Electrical wire installation, the busbar system and the cable winding drum (Reel Cable)

In the double girder gantry cranes, there is a standard maintenance platform on one of the beams for secured maintenance. One of the crane's leg is equipped with stairs to reach the maintenance platform and the crane has a roof that protects it against external factors.

At the end of the course, there are limit switches that will disconnect the power without impact the buffers. İf there is more than one gantry crane system in the same hall, we use a anti-collision sensor that will prevent them from colliding.

In order to prevent excessive winds from dragging the crane, the wind brake system or the manual locking system, which automatically measures the wind and automatically locks the system, is available in option for our customers.