Electrical Wire Rope Hoists

Electrical Wire Rope Hoists

As Arnikon Engineering we have manufactured the VDH Series Lifting Machines with High Engineering design, Compact body, and safe machines. The Standard production started from 1 Ton to 40 Ton and it is produced in different working classes and alternative speeds.

The VDH Series machines, which can be designed according to all working conditions, and show the desired performance even under the most difficult conditions.
VDH Series Machines Designed to be able to use the maximum area as a measure.

VDH Series Hoists have been manufactured with the most advanced technology and engineering available and have achieved complete reliability and durability from the motor to rope, reducer, brake and electric panel.
The lifting and drive gear units in the VDH Series Machines have a more secure load bearing capability than the one keyway system when the output shaft is milled in accordance with DIN 5480. According to DIN standards, the Drum made of precision seamless steel pipe and we have GGG70 material finished rope guide system that ensures smooth wrapping with back and forth movement for the wire rope.
There are Rotary Limit Switches and limit switches that are used in lowering, lifting and traveling limits.

Because of the Used Frequency Inverters, Seamless load transfer and minimum load swing are obtained. The lifetime of the brakes is designed to be longer, because of the inverters use making smooth movements and the abrasions have been reduced to the minimum level.

Our Wheel Blocks used in our VDH Series Hoists group are Arnikon's unique design and local manufacturing, and specially designed for ease of installation.
Our Wheel Blocks are assembled to one another with a sheet or with profile support. Our Wheel Groups and Wheel Blocks are manufactured as GGG70 Casting and processed in CNC machine to achieve high precision


Please ask for different working class
Wheel diameter refers to the wheel rolling diameter