Elevator Hoists and Winches

Elevator Hoists and Winches

Elevator hoist are designed for lifting and lowering the load on the vertical axis in the tower, and so on places. It can not be used for human transportation.

Ground crane or pulley lifting mechanisms can also designed and manufactured according to the needs.

As ARNIKON engineering, we are becoming solution partner of our customers for their special projects with our huge experience and knowledge accumulation. Beside the special crane systems that we are in service of our customers from projection to production and delivery of handling, stacking, lifting systems or any other machine systems.

Our main products are electrical over cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, monorail hoists, double girder crane hoists, transfer trolleys, elevator hoists, chain hoist, electrical wire rope hoists, endcarriages for overhead or gantry cranes also special proccessing crane fro galvanizing factory, shipyard cranes, shaft gantry cranes, smart crane systems, container gantry cranes, port cranes, power station cranes. what you need about electrical overhead crane systems that is our work.

Also Arnikon engineering has everything about electrical overhead travelling crane systems like as radio frequency remote control, bus bar systems, motorised or spring cable reel, limit switches, power carriying and transfer systems, cable carriying systems, electrohiydraulic or electromagnetic brakes. We have dealers and distributors in Alger, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Tunus, Kenya, Senegal, Pakhistan, Kazakhistan etc. And our overhead crane systems are working all over the world.