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Makel Yalıtım Has Chosen Arnikon Once Again

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Arnikon means TRUST and QUALITY!

Since 1997, Makel Yalıtım has been processing the insulation materials it has supplied from home and abroad in its 2000 m2 closed area facility in Ankara, specially according to the needs of its customers. With its dynamic structure and the quality management system it has implemented, Makel Yalıtım has adopted the principle of producing trouble-free materials of the desired quality and providing solutions to customers' needs in a timely manner.

We have installed our 3rd and 4th cranes at the Ankara facility of Makel Yalıtım, which has been working with Arnikon Vinc for many years. We wish our double girder overhead cranes with a carrying capacity of 5 tons to be beneficial to Makel Yalıtım and thank them very much for choosing us.

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We have not compromised on our Quality Reliable Stability principle since our establishment.

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