Years of experience and knowledge in the industry that combines engineering with the new brand, our company is proud to serve our valued customers.

By bringing Cranes systems is a new perspective and the European production system transfer to our country, our company holds the maximum level of competitiveness in the abroad. our company is taking firm steps toward becoming a brand in the market with the support of its valued customers.

In the sector, adopting the principle of engineering design quality production, determining the quality policy of not the price policy, our company is a brand that is becoming exemplary in the industry.

Our company puts the weight of the sector in lifting and stacking machines, has become the meeting point for engineering, design and quality.

Our company brings a new perspective to the conventional crane system,  any system that would be needed in the industry has an infrastructure that can be designed and manufactured.


Our general product range;

•    Standart Electrical Hoists

•    Double And Single Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

•    Double And Single Girder Gantry Cranes

•    Jib Cranes

•    Transfer Trolleys

•    Monorail Hoists

•    Rotary Crane Systems

•    Ex Proof Cranes

•    Special Production Process Cranes

•    Steel Structures



Electrical overhead travelling crane or gantry crane systems and accessories produced with the Arnikon brand are all produced in the end result of a serious development operation. Processes are constantly circulated to meet customer requirements at the maximum level by means of the development method.


Each produced electrical overhead cranes and gantry crane is designed individually by matching the environment and operating conditions with customer requirements.


Quality philosophy in production is our indispensable. An understanding that produces quality, not quality control. The aim of overhead traveling crane systems manufacturing is always customer satisfaction