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Overhead Traveling Cranes Our company, which has combined years of experience and knowledge with engineering in its sector, is proud to serve our valued customers with the ARNIKON brand. Our company, which brings a new perspective to crane systems and keeps its competitiveness abroad at the maximum level by carrying European production to our country, has become a brand that has even gained the appreciation of its competitors in the market and has been imitated. Our company, which adopts the principles of design in engineering, quality in production and determines a quality policy, not a price policy in the sector, is an exemplary brand in the sector and is not only in crane systems but also in technology production.


Our company, which puts its weight on the sector in lifting and stacking equipment, is the meeting point of Engineering, Design and Quality. Bringing a new perspective to conventional crane systems, our company has an infrastructure that can design and manufacture any system that may be needed in the industry. In addition to standard electric traveling cranes, it also facilitates the work of its customers in the field of Smart Process Cranes designed specifically for the job and customer with its R&D studies.



Arnikon constantly conducts market research on the crane systems it produces and will produce, and attaches importance to R & D to fully meet customer needs.


Arnikon Engineering crane systems are carefully designed by our design team to meet customer expectations and to be flawless in terms of visuality during the design phase.


"Wherever there is production, there is quality, wherever there is quality, there is success". With our slogan, Arnikon crane systems are 100% controlled and delivered to customers with high quality.


Competent professional staff of each business instead of Turkey, technological infrastructure and a strong service, quality, reliability and efficiency mainly focused on customer satisfaction, "Crane products on-site service support and product maintenance services periodically" we provide.
Mustafa Sami Avcılar

Mustafa Sami Avcılar

Chairman of the Board

Mustafa Sami Avcılar

Bayram Ayçiçek

Bayram Ayçiçek


Bayram Ayçiçek

Mehmet Esat Avcılar

Mehmet Esat Avcılar

Plant Manager

Mehmet Esat Avcılar

Abdullah Taha Avcılar

Abdullah Taha Avcılar

Sales & Marketing Director

Abdullah Taha Avcılar

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Our Story

Established in 2013

September 2013

First Steps

ARNIKON was established by a team with 15 years of experience in the field at the end of 2013

And entered the traveling crane manufacturing sector in Konya.

February 2013

First Production

At the beginning of 2014, we started the first production in the building with 650 m2 closed area in MESVA industrial site. Our company, which has only been established for a few months, moved to a new 1,000 m2 factory building in BÜSAN, one of Konya’s brand industrial sites, in order to meet the demand.

May 2015

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Established as a KOSGEB young entrepreneur enterprise, our company was deemed worthy of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award as a result of the growth data in 2014 and received the award from the general manager of KOSGEB of the time.

June 2016

Our First R&D Project; “Crane Wheel Block“ in Serial Production

Fulfilling the requirements of being an engineering company;

ARNIKON started mass production by completing the “Crane Wheel Block” project, which is the first R&D study. This project, which breaks ground in service and maintenance operations in crane execution groups, was an important step towards branding by obtaining the necessary patents.

April 2017

ARNIKON Brand Was Opened to the World

The number of countries exported to has exceeded 20 countries as of the end of 2017. ARNIKON made its first overseas shipment to Brazil, the South American country.

January 2018

Capacity Re-increase

ARNIKON, whose market is growing day by day, both domestically and abroad, moved to a production facility of 10,000 m2, 5,000 of which is closed, in the Konya Industrial Zone(KOS) region.

August 2019

ARNIKON Improves Its Dealership System

ARNIKON has developed its sales office and dealership networks in 10 different inside of the country and in 15 different out of the country.

October 2020

Smart Cranes, Smart Factories

Within the framework of Industry 4.0

The first ARNIKON brand smart crane was delivered to Izmit Diler Demir. In the same year, ARNIKON brand smart crane, 40 tons capacity smart container crane designed, engineered and manufactured were delivered in France.

February 2021

New Countries

We started to expand to the American market and sold to three different countries. .

October 2022

Capacity Re-increase

We expanded the closed area of our factory from 5000 square metres to 9000 square metres.

December 2022

Tower Crane Launch

The tower crane project was launched in the presence of senior officials.

June 2023

We are among the most exporting companies

We have been ranked 3rd among the most exporting companies in the crane sector for 3 years in a row.

January 2024

Digital Transformation

We initiated our Digital Transformation Project in order to keep up with the needs, expectations and opportunities offered by the age.

February 2024

Efficiency Award

We were deemed worthy of an award in the Medium-Sized Enterprises category at the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology Productivity Project Awards 2023.

March 2024

New Factory

The construction of our new factory with a closed area of 12.500 m² in Konya Çumra has started.
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