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We are at the KONMAK Machinery Technologies Fair

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We are at the KONMAK Machinery Technologies Fair

We are excited to meet you, our valued customers, with the quality of Arnikon Engineering.

As Arnikon Engineering, we are taking our place at KONMAK fair this year to share the latest developments in innovation and engineering! We invite our valued customers and industry professionals to our booth. Fair Details: Fair Name: KONMAK Date: May 08 - 11 Location: FUAYE, Stand F27 At the fair, we will introduce our new crane series and technological innovations that we have specially prepared for you. In addition, we can come together with our expert engineers and shape the most suitable solutions for your projects. For more information about the fair, you can visit the official website of KONMAK fair. During the fair, don't miss the live demonstrations and technical presentations that will take place at our booth every day. Take the opportunity to see the latest innovations in crane technologies up close and ask your questions directly to our experts. Don't forget to visit our booth F27 to learn about the latest developments in the industry, product innovations and more. As Arnikon Engineering, we will be delighted to welcome you!

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