Effects of Demountable Lifting Groups on Hoists

Arnikon Hoists, which are an engineering product, have been designed to increase the aesthetic appearance, convenience of manufacturability during assembly / disassembly. Single girder and double girder hoists; It consists of 5 main groups: Lifting Group, Travelling Group, Drive Group, Hook Group and Boom Group.

Before the demountable system was used, different lifting groups with the same tonnages were designed for our VDH / VDMH series hoists. The lifting group was welded on the boom group, the structure formed by the large pieces reduced the paint capability and damaged the visual integrity of the product. For these reasons, our demountable lifting groups have been designed considering these problems. As a result;

• Using the same lifting groups with the same tonnages for our VDH / VDMH series trolleys,
• Ease of during maintenance and malfunction,
• Fast production / fast delivery thanks to the ease of manufacture,
• Precise manufacturing thanks to the reduction in part size,
• Increasing the paint and coating ability of the parts thanks to the structure formed by smaller parts,
• Manufacturing of products with high corrosion resistance and long life, together with increased coating ability,
• Painting the whole parts before assembly has increased the visual integrity of our hoists.