Smart Crane Systems by R&D Department

Smart Crane systems Production started by our team, who made Intensive studies on design development on smart crane systems in traveling cranes started to make their first applications on the cranes in our factory.

ARNIKON has started to develop and manufacture SMART CRANE using the latest technological innovations to increase product quality and customer satisfaction.

In this application, there are many features such as positioning, automatic stop-and-go movements in any direction, working time determination, electricity consumption, fault detection, some possibility of remote disturbance in x-y-z axes.

With this application, remote control and intervention possibilities are provided and the opportunity of being involved in the cranes of any place from the house, from the factory, from the office or from any other place is opened and the front of the era of smart crane technology is opened in the cranes.

These cranes are manufactured using PLC and are designed to respond to customer requests from us.

We will continue to share developments in smart cranes.