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Endcarriages group is the equipment that carries out the handling of overhead cranes or gantry cranes. . As Arnikon Engineering, hoists and endcarriages are designing with high engineering quality, manufacturing in our factory as semi-finished products and offer to our customers usage.. We have a standard manufacturing between 1 ton and 40 tons, and we also have alternative productions in different working classes and different speeds. Arnikon Engineering will be your assistant to take the burden of your business with its modular, standard, easy to service and maintenance machines and products that you will use safely for many years.

Crane Kits Features

Crane Kits Design Features
  • Crane kits are designed in accordance with , ISO, FEM ve DIN norms.
  • Mechanisms are selected according to the desired lifting and execution speeds and working class.
  • Our Crane lifting groups that can be disassembled have been designed to increase the aesthetic appearance of our electrical hoists, ease of assembly / disassembly and manufacturability.
  • Our Wheel Blocks, an R&D product, provide convenience in the assembly / disassembly process. By having a quieter and more sensitive bearing system compared to its alternatives, it increases the life of the roller, wheel and gear box, and thanks to the adjustable wheel center, it provides +/- 15 mm movement in the centers where there are rail defects.
Crane Kits Technology Features
  • Thanks to the frequency inverters used, smooth load carrying and minimum load swing are achieved. Abrasions are minimized thanks to the inverters used to make smooth movements and designed to have a longer working life of the brakes.
  • Soft starts and stops, shock-free operation and long life are provided with engine and reducer groups specially produced for crane applications.
  • The drive groups consist of wheel blocks cast from GGG50 material. These blocks are processed precisely with the latest technology, providing long life at the point of bearing and wheel life, and provide great advantage in reaching the desired high speeds.
  • The wheel hub is driven by a multi-key system, minimizing the wear on the wheel hub and drive shaft.
Crane Kits Production Features
  • As the output shafts of the lifting and running gearboxes are opened with milling interlocking according to DIN 5480, they have a safer load carrying feature compared to the wedge system.
  • In our wheel designs, diameters were determined by controlling the wheel pressures, and spherical graphite cast material (GGG70), which is resistant to wear, was used in material selection.
  • Painting processes in accordance with world standards are applied in the manufacture of crane sets. We can paint in special colors requested by our customers.
  • The motors conform to IEC standard, have squirrel cage, 400Vac nominal voltage, 3 phase, 50Hz, F insulation, S1 working class and minimum IP55 protection class, electromagnetic disc brake.
Crane Kits Maintenance And Security  Features
  • The lowering-lifting and end of rail movements are limited with the limit switches
  • In our designs, our main goal is to provide quality products to our customers by using the ease of assembly, service intervention, ergonomic appearance, workmanship reduction and the opportunities provided by technology.
  • Cranes can work with more than One crane on their operating lines, so two crane bridges may collide with each other. Crane collision sensor is used to prevent these accidents and malfunctions.

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