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Effects of bogie system on crane travelling mechanisms

24     Admin     ARTICLE    27/07/2020       583

Effects of bogie system on crane travelling mechanisms

The bogie system has come up as an engineering product to increase the performance, efficiency and quality of use of the travelling mechanisms that provide movement in crane systems.
It is aimed to achieve superior performance and high efficiency at maximum loading state and maximum travelling speed with the travelling mechanisms, new generation Wheel Blocks and Bogie System.
One of the constructive elements that directly affect the operation of the travelling systems is the rails. To ensure the harmonious passage of cranes with rigid structure, to eliminate the irregularities in the positions of the rails, a balancing system was created with Bogie.
The Bogie System absorbs high vibrations that may occur when the crane operates at full load and runs at maximum speed and decreases the effect of centrifugal forces.
In this way, it minimizes rail / wheel wear and the risk of derailment that may occur in cranes with high working capacity.
Bogie System (Fixed and Moving Group), which is also used in the Travelling mechanisms of Hoists, ensures that the wheels are always pressed and the load is distributed proportionally to the wheels.
Thanks to the evaluations, tests and positive feedbacks, we observe that our crane travelling systems have achieved superior success together with the Bogie System and Wheel Blocks.

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